Wednesday, September 11, 2013

31DC2013 - Day 10: Pastel Gradient Skittle

I love Gradients! They are a bit time consuming but the final result is so pretty :)
I chose to do a pastel gradient using 5 pastel colors I had (well, actually I don't have  pastel yellow so I mixed a regular yellow with some white polish)

Polishes used, from left to right:
China Glaze Something Sweet (middle & pinkie)
Essie Lilachism (thumb & ring)
MUA Pistachio Ice Cream
Milani White on the spot (base color for all nails)
Ga-de Blue Wish #392 (index & ring)
Ga-de Lemon Lime #426 mixed with white (thumb & middle)


  1. Really cute! I'm kind of shy about using pastels but I'm hoping to try them out some time in the challenge.

    1. I love pastels and I just realized I don't own enough! I need a good orange, yellow ad pink :)

  2. so cute I love all these pastels together! ^^



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